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Security & Compliance

AgileRank will help you manage risk at every level

Organizations need to manage risk to achieve secure and compliant IT systems. Data protection is the highest priority for any organization, especially sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Requirements for protecting data are complex and often difficult to decipher. AgileRank is a trusted advisor and has helped multiple clients assess their current strategy and develop a roadmap to compliance.  

Our Services

Risk Management Framework 

AgileRank will ensure that managing system-related security and privacy risk is consistent with the mission and strategic objectives of the organization.  The Risk Management Framework (RMF) provides a disciplined and structured process for consistent, informed, and ongoing implementation of decisions of the authorizing official, the transparency and traceability of security, and privacy information for the organization. 

Cybersecurity Risk Management Strategy 

No matter how good security checks are, your organization will have some cyber risk. Developing a cybersecurity risk management strategy is essential to protect your organization and  mission while safeguarding its information in cyberspace. AgileRank helps clients develop and implement a strategy to protect their information systems and data. 

Enterprise Risk Management Integration

As part of any Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program, senior leaders have a unique responsibility to manage major risks to their organization. Often, organizations address risk at a program level and without consistent planning across all programs. An ERM program considers risk from the portfolio level rather than addressing risks only within program silos. AgileRank can help you develop an ERM program that takes a top down and comprehensive approach to managing enterprise risk.  

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