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Agile Innovation Lab

Pursuing New Ideas and Out of the Box Thinking

Agile Lab is our internal incubator for the invention, creation, and deployment of applications and services. Our team is dedicated to the pursuit of new ideas and out of the box thinking. We focus on our client’s current business processes to understand unmet needs and then work to improve those processes through innovative and iterative solutioning.

Our Success Stories

RTLS Battery Management Application

AgileRank has a strong core group of individuals with expertise in RTLS. We leveraged this knowledge by developing a suite of RTLS applications with a focus on existing unmet needs in RTLS workflows. For example, our Battery Management-as-a-service solution is a mobile application for technicians replacing batteries throughout medical facilities with a back-office support component to provide analytics and a daily plan of attack.  


RTLS Wi-Fi Testing Application

Similarly, our Testing-as-a-service solution is another mobile application with a focus on ensuring RTLS infrastructure components are performing at optimal levels using imported facility maps and capturing current x,y location coordinates of equipment for comparison against the RTLS reported coordinates. Our back-office support provides the resulting testing reports so adjustments to the system create better performance and higher degrees of location accuracy.


My Healthy Kidney

My Healthy Kidney was developed after a nephrologist (a doctor who specializes in kidney health and kidney disease) approached our leadership team with an idea; he noticed there wasn’t a mobile application for his patients to quickly look up kidney-friendly foods. He asked if AgileRank could develop one. My Healthy Kidney is the result of this simple inquiry.  Visit the web app at


Let’s Work Together

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