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Real Time Location Systems

What is RTLS?

In the healthcare sector, a real time location system (RTLS) provides real-time tracking and management of equipment and medical supplies and locating patients, staff, and visitors in a hospital setting.  

AgileRank is an experienced integrator. We have strong relationships with our partners. We can help with every aspect of the RTLS Lifecycle. 

RTLS systems do not stand-alone. They require integration with multiple existing hospital systems and require careful planning for successful sustainment and growth. Having an experienced and trusted systems integrator is a must. AgileRank has extensive experience designing, deploying, and supporting RTLS systems including:  

  • Asset Tracking  

  • Hand Hygiene Compliance  

  • Temperature Monitoring  

  • Cath Lab Supply Management  

  • Sterile Processing Workflow 


We have excellent working relationships with industry leading RTLS vendors such as CenTrak, Infor, WaveMark, and Censis.  During planning and implementation, we work hand-in-hand with multiple stakeholders from Health Technology Management (HTM) and IT to ensure the system meets the requirements.

Our team has experience in every phase of the RTLS lifecycle from technology investigation to design and implementation, sustainment, and expansion. Below are examples of how we can help you:  

  • Systems Integration  

  • Project Management  

  • Solution Design  

  • Security Compliance 

  • Tagging Equipment  

  • Location Accuracy Testing   

  • Battery Management  

  • Technical Support 

Managed Services

Battery Management

To keep your RTLS system running at peak efficiency, it is critical that asset tags and RTLS infrastructure devices have working batteries. Our Battery Management mobile application helps create a strong, proactive battery replacement strategy. Our app leverages the battery life data provided by RTLS, puts that data in the technician’s hand via a mobile device, and updates and synchronizes data as batteries are replaced. Our back-office support team creates reports and can help with short and long-term planning.

Wi-Fi Testing

To deploy an RTLS asset tracking system with a high degree of accuracy, it is critical to test the system components. Asset tags and RTLS infrastructure devices can fail to communicate or communicate inaccurate information. The best location accuracy testing methods involve software utilities to automate the work. Our Wi-Fi testing mobile application compares the current physical location of a tagged asset to the RTLS reported location. Our back-office support team creates reports providing visibility into day to day testing activity and summarizing the work to date. 

Let’s Work Together

Are you considering RTLS? Do you need help extending or supporting your existing RTLS system?

Contact Us!  We are ready to help. 



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